Dates: 23 January to March 13, 2022

The course is a course on how felt meaning functions in awareness, and how to harness this natural functioning in our meditation and mindfulness practice. It’s also a course on the heart of ‘awareness.’ It’s open to people who have some experience with meditation and or Gendlin’s Focusing process. Contact Christopher at <christopher at wholebodymindfulness dot com>

Felt meaning is another way to say ‘felt sense.’ The body always ‘senses’ its situation, and bringing our attention to this bodily felt meaningfulness brings us into a  natural order, dispelling the divisiveness of having only social meanings to rely upon. This process of pausing and bringing into view the ‘whole’ of our situation, such that the whole of us carries forward, this is called ‘Focusing.’ (On the analogy of bringing something into focus.)

This course will qualify participants for a Level 1 Focusing certificate recognisable by other qualified Focusing trainers. For this purpose you can take the list on this page as representing the core content/skills which you will learn in this course.

In the course, these skills will be presented in relation to and via: the four traditional areas of Buddhist mindfulness and sitting meditation. The four traditional areas of mindfulness involve direct awareness of: our physical body; its feeling-tones; ‘cheart-mind’ (body-environment interaction); and concept for conducting of our experiencing in the spirit of freedom.

In the first session (23rd January), we will: Experience ‘Clearing a Space’ and explore the nature and qualities of ‘Experiential Space’ as a foundation for developing and fully realizing ‘heart-mind.’

The course will run from 23 January to March 13. (That’s seven weeks, but with an extra session for checking in at the end of the seven weeks.)

Cost: There is no fee. The course is offered on a ‘dana’ (donation) basis, as per Buddhist custom.