Eight weeks of exploring Buddhism as a Wisdom Tradition.

This course begins 6 August, 2023. It’s not necessary to register. In the weeks between 6 August and 24 September 2023. we will explore the following topics. Each week, the teacher Christoher Ash will give a short talk on the topic of the week, and then will invite the group to have a conversation about the practice of this. You can attend all, or any number of the sessions that you wish. The topics will be sufficiently independent, but on the other hand, there’s a design in the sequence which will benefit whoever attends all the conversations.

Session 1. Personal Experience

Session 2. Dhammapada Verses

Session 3. The Meaning of Buddha

Session 4. Desire and Experiencing

Session 5. Wisdom Mind

Session 6. Dependent Arising as Bodily Process

Session 7. Experiencing & Skilful Means

Session 8. The Buddhadhamma & Nature