I enjoyed reading Will JOhnson’s little book, Posture of Meditaion Anyhow, this came from Tricycle;s Daily Dharma, today:

Forget the body, what we all need to work on is our minds, right? Not necessarily, says Will Johnson, who emphasizes that negative patterns exist in the body as well as the mind:

“The teachings tell us that actions disturb our peace of mind, but what I’m suggesting is that we can’t just look to what we conventionally call our mind to sort this out. Reaction, clinging, and aversion are physical actions that the body performs and that, no matter how subtle, create muscular tension through the repeated motions of either “pulling toward” (desire) or “pushing away” (aversion). Repeat anything often enough, and you create holding patterns in the body that predispose you to continue doing that action.”

Read “Full Body, Empty Mind,” from the Fall 2007 issue of Tricycle, which includes three body-oriented exercises from author Will Johnson.