Teacher: Christopher Ash

Weekly Conversations

When a specific course is not happening, I open up our Zoom venue each Sunday at 4:00 PM, Sydney-Melbourne time.

These weekly Kalyanamitta meetings are open to those who have done my courses or have made an arrangement with me personally.

If we are not engaged in a course (those listed below), then these sessions are open for Q & A, or for a mindful inquiry on topics which I or the participants bring. The details of this weekly meeting will be listed below in the events.


All the course sessions are on Zoom; and all are held on Sundays at 4:00 PM, Sydney-Melbourne time. (Some courses will be supplemented with optional Wednesday sessions. These will also be at 4:00 PM, Sydney-Melbourne time.)

The program for 2022 is really quite exciting for me. The year goes something like this: We start with 1) the foundational body-based skills of meaning-making (Gendlin’s Focusing); and then 2) apply the body-based learning to the way of Buddhist inquiry (Dhammavicaya); then, 3) we articulate a practical model of early Buddhist doctrine, with the help of Sue Hamilton-Blyth’s I of the Beholder; 4) we proceed to ‘vast, spacious combodiment’ via an investigation of the experience of seeing, with Douglas Harding’s practice of Having No Head.

In between these inquires we enjoy our regular conversations.

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