In the first half of 2023, I plan to teach A ‘Dependent Arising Course,’ for which we’ll use the ‘Wheel of Becoming’ (Bhavacakka) and the Upanisa Sutta.  We’ll study the unhealthy patterns of the 12-links, and also the Buddha’s suggestions of a different, healthy dependent arising arising cycle.
I want to also teach five-week course on ‘Love in Buddhist Practice,’ which I’ll call Love and Awakening.
For those who missed out on the ‘Headless’ course, and others who might want to repeat it, we’ll have another, after these two courses.
So, dates are. tentatively….
1) Dependent Arising – unhealthy mind, and healthy mind versions. Starts, 5th February 2023, a five-week course.
2) Love and Awakening. Starts 16th April, a four-week course.
3) Headlessness. (Subtitled: Saving Bhavari and Yajnadatta). Starts  18th June 2023, a six-week course.
I imagine these three courses as a integrated offering, but any of them can be taken singly.
In 2023, there’ll be no Kalyanamitta Group on:
Easter Sunday – Sunday 9th April 2023
Mothers’ Day:  Sunday 14th May 2023
Labour Day Weekend:  Sunday1st October 2023
King’s Birthday: At this stage it’s not clear when the King’s birthday holiday weekend will be. A NSW planning calendar suggests Monday 10 June, so probably no Kalyanamitta Group on 11 June 2023.