Saturday 21st October a number of focusers are coming together in the Kalyanamitta Zoom meeting room, for the kind of informal gathering known in the Focusing world as a ‘Changes Group.’ The meeting starts at: 1:00 PM, Sydney time. The group plans to meet monthly.  (There’s no obligation to come every month, though.)​
What happens in a Changes Group? We chat for a short time, then we break into pairs to do Focusing for an hour (twenty minutes to half an hour each). On Zoom, this means going into ‘breakout rooms.’ Then, after that, we return to the whole group, where we have a conversation about how our Focusing process went. We do that for another twenty minutes or so.
All who are using Focusing are welcome, whether you’re formally trained or not. One can learn Focusing many ways, without having had formal training in the six steps. And the changes group is one way of learning.
(If you are a self-taught focuser, I’ll figure out a way of introducing you to the nature of Focusing partnerships. For example, we could have a mini workshop for newcomers during the Focusing hour.)