Nature includes the human, humans are nature. What does this mean for community, in body, speech and mind?

This week, the ninth and closing session (23 October) we will focus on the postscript in Sue Hamilton-Blyth’s I of the Beholder: What is a human being?

As always, in my courses, bodily-felt experience is the touchstone. I will invite participants to consult their bodily-felt meaning of the Buddhist concepts, and to experience the vision in terms of a ‘process orientation.’ If you have some ‘Focusing’ experience, this course is made for you. If not, you will learn, as we proceed, to use your body’s ‘felt sense’ for insight.

Reference: Sue Hamilton-Blyth, Early Buddhism – A New Approach: the I of the Beholder. (2000) Curzon.

Christopher Ash, 17 October 2022.