beach-couple-walkingMindfulness is for anyone, anytime, any place. Mindfulness of the body is a source of all good things in human life. With consistent attention to mindfulness, we grow, we change, we see deeply into the meaning of our life here on this little blue planet.

Mindfulness of the body grounds us in what is actually occurring – in all situations, now matter how unpleasant, or how blissful – rather than in what we wish about such happenings, hence we become free of stress.

Whoever you are, whatever your life-choices, mindfulness of the body is a way to live our life fully, to appreciate the gift of life. The Buddha spoke very highly of mindfulness of the body, even to the extent of saying it will take you all the way to full spiritual freedom:

“And what, monks, is the unconditioned? The destruction of lust, the destruction of hatred, the destruction of delusion: this is called the unconditioned. “”And what, monks, is the path leading to the unconditioned?  Mindfulness directed to the body: this is called the path leading to the unconditioned.”


Imagine the potential transformation, if world leaders, domestic politicos, and industry moguls, not only stayed in their bodies, but did so for the benefit of all beings on the planet. Mindfulness of the body is not alone sufficient to change the world. Part of what is presented in these pages is that it matters how we use our mindfulness, what we direct it towards. May all beings be happy.