I teach in Australia, so the times for courses will occur in Melbourne/Sydney time. All course sessions are 4:00 – 5:30 PM, on Sunday. Registration details will be provided soon.
– Christopher Ash.

Our Regular Activites: Q & A about Gendlin’s work, and the Buddhadharma – practice and theory – is regularly held 4:00 – 5:30 PM, on Sundays on Zoom.


1. A seven-week Focusing course for Mindfulness practitioners.

Dates: 23 January to March 13, 2022

This course will qualify participants for a Level 1 Focusing certificate recognisable by other qualified Focusing trainers. The content to facilitate learning Focusing will be presented in relation to mindfulness (in the four traditional areas), and in sitting meditation.

More course details here before 16th October. But, if you want to put it in your diary, the course will run from 23 January to March 13. (That’s seven weeks, but with an extra session for checking in at the end of the seven weeks.)

Cost: There is no fee. The course is offered on a ‘dana’ (donation) basis, as per Buddhist custom.

2. A nine-week course in Bodily-based Mindful Inquiry

(Dhammavicaya) for April 2022. The course will be based on Gendlin’s Thinking at the Edge (TAE) process.

For this particular course, the TAE skills-learning will be done in the context of understanding a way to think into the whole vision as presented in the early Buddhist texts, the Pāli Nikāyas.

3. ‘Positive Interdependent Development

Another nine-week course to begin in July 2022: This will be based on the Buddha’s 12-link Dependent Arising cycle (also called the Wheel of Birth and Death’), with the theme being how you exit the rounds of ‘samsara’ (‘same old, same old). That is, how to conduct body, speech and mind such that suffering is transformed into awakening – and the Unborn dimension or element is realized.