Four weekly sessions, beginning Sunday 31 October, 2021. These sessions will be presented by Christopher, and will follow the course of Rob Parker’s presentations for the Focusing Institute. The topics broadly traverse the landscape of Gendlin’s A Process Model.

This course was devised primarily to support members of our group who are doing Rob’s course, but it is open to any of our Kalaynamitta group. There will be a follow-up session, soon after, at a time to be announced.

The topics for the Four-week course are:

Week 1)  The need for new concepts in our understanding of the human in the world. Introduction to some Philosophy of the Implicit core concepts, which play a part in our work in the Kalyanamitta group.

Week 2)  Some concepts which help to practically ground our understanding of our experience of feeling, perception, and consciousness – namely, versioning and re-recognizing.

Week 3)  How the previous week’s concepts help us freshly understand: verbal consciousness, our sense of self, and social reality.

Week 4)  In this session we will see how all these processes show us how it is that we can Focus (in Gendlin’s sense of that word).

Cost: There is no fee. The course is offered on a ‘dana’ (donation) basis, as per Buddhist custom. (I, Christopher, will explicitly request a donation for our special guest in the follow-up event.)